Lily & Lord GOTS organic cotton

ORGANIC COTTON (GOTS licence: CU 829572)

All our garments are made from pure organic cotton grown in Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified farms in Gujarat, India. GOTS certification ensures that no pesticides, genetically modified organisms and artificial fertilisers are used in the farming process. In addition, GOTS organic cotton farmers are paid a fairer price for their crop, which can help to lift poor farmers out of poverty.

Our organic cotton fibres are then processed in GOTS certified mills located in Tamil Nadu. Audits at all stages of processing ensure that organic fibres are separated from conventional fibres and clearly identified. The use of toxic chemicals and heavy metals in all stages of production are prohibited. Workers in GOTS certified mills and factories are paid living wages and their rights are protected according to ILO conventions.

GOTS is the strictest and most comprehensive international standard for ethical, non-toxic organic materials. That’s why for us, if it’s cotton, it must be GOTS.

Buying Lily & Lord organic cotton

Discover how organic cotton is truly better.


NON-TOXIC DYES (GOTS licence: CU 829572)

We dye our organic cotton fabrics in low-impact dyes in our GOTS factory in Tirrupur, India. GOTS low-impact dyes are certified eco-friendly, Azo free and non-toxic. They are tested for skin irritations and sensitivities.

 Lily & Lord GOTS organic cotton labels


The brand, size and care labels on our garments are made from GOTS organic cotton and printed with non-toxic ink. Our labels feel super soft and do not scratch or irritate children’s delicate skin. Our labels were tested by children with skin sensitivity (for a few weeks including during sleep) and they passed with flying colours!


Lily & Lord non-toxic threads

NON-TOXIC SEWING THREAD (OEKO-TEX® certificate: 11-36117 Shirley)

Thread selection is important to us as the quality of the thread determines the durability of the stitching and its feel against the skin. All our polyester sewing threads are certified non-toxic according to the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® (Class 1: suitable for babies and toddlers) and were selected for their fine and soft quality, high strength and durability.

Although our initial intention was to use organic cotton threads, we learnt that they are not suitable for childrenswear due to the bulkiness, roughness and (lack of) strength of the thread. We are pursuing the possibility and suitability of recycled polyester threads.

We source all our threads from Coats, a global British company that is a member of the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals Programme. Coats actively reduces its water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste effluent as reported in their annual sustainability reports.


Lily & Lord eco-friendly mother-of-pearl buttons


Our mother-of-pearl buttons are crafted from the inner layer of shells found in the natural environment and is fully bio-degradable. No chemicals were used in processing our buttons. We love mother-of-pearl also for its resilience and durability. Its natural iridescence gives our buttons a luxurious shine and subtle elegance.

We source our mother-of-pearl buttons from SBS Zipper, a Bluesign® certified company which complies with the Bluesign® system's high standards for ethical work conditions, environmental impacts and chemical usage to protect workers and consumers.

 Lily & Lord Oeko-Tex elastic bands


The elastic bands used for our skirts, leggings and pants are sourced from YYElastic and certified non-toxic according to the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® (Class 1: suitable for babies and toddlers).



No plastic is used in any of our packaging and labelling materials. To protect our products from damage during transit, we wrap them with FSC-certified paper printed with soy-based ink. To mail our products, we use a 100% compostable mailer bag made from corn, which can be re-used or composted in the backyard (broken down in 180 days).  We source our packaging papers and mailer bags from Noissue, a global company committed to sustainable premium packaging.


Lily & Lord swing tags


Our bespoke swing tags are crafted with 100% natural Gmund cotton paper made from fibres from cotton flowers discarded by the textile industry. Upcycling cotton for paper means reducing the need to cut down trees. Our swing tags are printed using a mid-fifteenth century printing technique known as letterpress. The result of this artisanal craftsmanship is a one-of-a-kind premium quality tag to match our beautiful garments.

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