Lily & Lord environmental and social impact

Lily & Lord Environmental and Social Impact

Supporting child mental health

For each garment sold, Lily & Lord will donate $1 to


to support the prevention of child anxiety, depression and youth suicide.

PATHWAYS TO RESILIENCE is a Brisbane-based charity, specialising in building resilience in children with a focus on fostering brain development and repairing trauma and negative impacts of the past. Their research-backed and evidence-based programs help to strengthen the social and emotional well-being in toddlers, school children, teens and families, particularly those who are disadvantaged.

"All of us, even from a very young age, will experience something negative in some form. Our brains find ways to cope and it can be a lonely and confusing journey. Strengthening children's mental health helps them build resilience in the face of challenges, and I believe resilient children go on to become resilient adults. I'm blessed to be able to support this cause and I'm grateful to those who join me."

-- Evelyn Leow, founder of Lily & Lord