Welcome to Lily & Lord, where children and families are at the heart of what we do.

Lily & Lord


Fresh and chic. Lily & Lord celebrates life and the beauty of our natural world. Classic silhouettes are given a contemporary twist. Organic cotton fabrics in uplifting hues and non-toxic materials are fused with love to create a capsule collection for any season.

Beautiful clothes are as important as who made them, what they’re made from and how they are made. We believe each person's clothing choices can contribute to a kinder, more sustainable future.

“As a mother of two, I just want the best for my kids. I believe the clothes they wear should be comfortable and breathable, and not be harmful to their health or the environment. Most importantly, they are happy with what they wear – because this means they will wear it again and again.” 

Evelyn, Founder of Lily & Lord.


Lily & Lord was founded in 2018, motivated by a mother's search for stylish clothing that are comfortable to wear and gentle on children's sensitive skin. Our Founder, Evelyn, discovered that “what’s in my clothes” can be quite toxic and harmful, “who made my clothes” are often women who have been treated unfairly, and “how my clothes are made” can be wasteful and detrimental to the environment.

Armed with this discovery and passion to make a positive difference, Evelyn set out to create a fashion brand that is committed to transparent business practices, high ethical and environmental standards, maximum comfort and uncompromising style. Inspired by the humble and happy flower, lily of the valley, and the desire to live for a higher purpose, Lily & Lord was thus born.

Lily & Lord Our Process


Each collection begins as a visual concept sketched onto paper. Thought is put into every element of the design, which answers to our style aesthetic, comfort of the wearer and our sustainability criteria. The fabrics are then developed by our partner mill according to our technical and colour requirements. To ensure softness and breathability, we only use GOTS certified organic cotton in eco-friendly dyes. All other components of the garment are also non-toxic. Learn more about our materials here.

We make all our garments in Brisbane. We work closely with self-employed sewers who work from the comfort of their own home/workshop, decide their working hours and pace, and quote on each job according to its complexity and time required. We also partner with a local ethical manufacturer and social enterprise, Mantua Sewing Studio, to provide income opportunities to women from migrant and refugee backgrounds. Our shared desire for local production is more than just about meeting high ethical standards; it is also about re-investing proceeds to upskill and empower these women, preparing them for meaningful work and supporting their settlement into Australia.

Lily & Lord ethically made in Brisbane Australia

Establishing our production supply chain within 12kms radius from our design studio allows us to have direct and close contact with our sewers, ensures pay and work conditions satisfy strict Australian labour laws, supports local community, minimises our carbon footprint, and eliminates the use of plastic wrapping (used by offshore manufacturers to ship garments).


Lily & Lord is dedicated to creating stylish garments that meet high sustainability and ethical standards. We promise to do the best we can to serve you, our customer, and would love to hear your feedback to help us improve.

We offer 45-day easy returns so you can shop feeling assured.

We hope our garments bring you and your little one much joy!