What to do with your family pictures

Ever since my firstborn, our digital family photo library has exploded. I have hundreds of pictures of my daughter's newborn face alone… pictures of her sleeping, smiling, crying, feeding. I wanted to record every moment.

By the time my children were one and two years old I’ve already collected tens and thousands of pictures of them!

One day, I decided to go through our entire collection of baby and family photos and selected those I wanted to print. It took me half a day to select and edit over 200 photos.

I printed them in squares to create a feature picture wall for our home.

Lily & Lord picture wall

Both my kids LOVE the wall.

Something about looking at pictures of themselves settles them when they’re feeling restless. There were many occasions where bubba was crying and I would carry her to the wall and point things out to her. She would stop crying immediately.

Sometimes, we would play “I spy with my little eye” and our two kids enjoy the rivalry of spotting objects quicker than their sibling.

Lily & Lord picture wall

Often, I would observe my little ones talking to themselves as they touch the pictures and recount the experience captured in those special family moments. Having the pictures so readily available seem to reinforce their memory of an experience such as the time we took them to a tennis match or when they fed the kangaroos, or even something simple like mummy pushing them on the swing.

I also added pictures from our wedding day, honeymoon and travel. My hubby and I would sit our kids on our laps and describe those moments. I intentionally stuck certain pictures at certain heights so that as our kids grow, they will always have different and new photos to explore.

Lily & Lord picture wall

Not only does a picture wall promote child awareness, interaction, memory and positive association, it’s an engaging way to display hundreds of family photos to your guests. As each square is so random and different, they never get bored!

And when it’s time, just swap out certain pictures and update them with newer ones. Easy!

Would a picture wall be something you'd try in your home? What other clutter-free ideas do you have for all those pictures? Comment and let us know – we'd love to hear your thoughts.



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Evelyn Leow, Creative Director of Lily & Lord